Runway Tulsa: Shines and Delights 2017


I bet all you fashionistas have been in high heaven with your heart’s delight enjoying not only the fashion capital shows (New York, London, Milan, & Paris), but our very own fabulous cat walk right here in little old T-Town! Yes! And if I might say, we really went all out this year ourselves.

It started out on Wednesday Night, September 27, with an enormous kick-off at our show-stopping Lexus dealership, second to none! There was not only one runway, but two, with fabulous new emerging designers showing their debut collections!

Also there were tons of wonderful one of a kind boutiques with models showing off their hidden treasures throughout the complex. Between the wonderful food, music, and models, everyone was having a fabulous night to remember!

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Thursday night was a outdoor runway of models featuring Utica Square shops and hosted by the beautiful Cindy Morrison, Michelle Evans & Chera Kimiko! We had some stunning hairstyles featured by Ihloff and outfits featured by Saks Fifth Avenue. A picture perfect night to enjoy some fashion outside at the Square!
Friday night featured Emerging Designers benefiting Martha’s Foundation. Here you could actually meet the owners of several of the Tulsa Specialty Boutiques and even purchase pieces of their unique collections.  There was a lot of interaction between guests, owners, and even the designers! Needless to say, everyone really connected and had a fabulous evening of fashion!

The GRAND finale was Saturday evening. There was everything from a pre-party to swag bags, and even red carpet photos with the designers! I had the opportunity to be in the second row and got fabulous shots of outstanding designs. Take a look at the photos and see for yourself 😉 I have to say I was partial to Michelle Lesniak’s design’s, hands down!  One of my friends even bought one of her designs right after the show.

I read up on the designers before attending the show and was even captivated by how working on a minimal budget, Michelle was able to find a way to make her vision of
fashion become a reality.  The skirt my friend ended up buying had pins incorporated into the black mesh skirt bias, which appeared to be silver thread while it was walking down the runway. Who knew!

I have to say hat’s off Tulsa! This was the B E S T showing T-Town has seen in FASHION since I have lived here, (over 20 years). All I want to say is THANK-YOU EVERYONE!!!! We all appreciate you so very much!


xo, Rhonda Roo

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